Hall of OKStupid #1: Do You Want S’more?

[This past weekend was heavy and the news of Paris and the resulting discussions still weigh on my mind. However, I truly believe that if we stay downtrodden and miserable, the terrorists win. No joke. Here’s the first edition of many to come of Hall of OKStupid. Stay mindful and lovely, my friends, and enjoy.] 

I’d like to share with you a favorite message of mine that I received a couple weeks ago.

Hall of OKStupid: OKCupid How do you cook your marshmallow | The Lonely Tribalist

Unless this is a euphemism for oral sex, I don’t get it. And at a 67% match, you’re cooking your marshmallows around the wrong campfire, sir. Now, I have a hankering for s’mores. Thanks. However, this got me thinking…

So, people, how do you like to cook your marshmallows? Lightly browned, burnt, raw? I just have to know now.


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