Update: New Facebook Page, So Yeah… If You Could “Like” Me, That Would Be Great

Get the memo?

We just created a Facebook page. We held out for a while, but YOLO, as us millenials say.

Feel free to “like” us here: The Lonely Tribalist. Or not. You’re a free agent of the universe. You could even exercise the choice to not even read this and skip over this post entirely. If that’s the case, you won’t even know that I just farted in your general direction, called your mother a “hamster,” and accused your father of smelling like elderberries. It’s not like I put my heart, soul, and buckets of sweat into this blog (which I don’t). No big deal.

Anyway, in summation: new shiny toy with which to follow me on. I’m not above showing some leg and doing some follow-for-follow action (but it’ll cost extra). Nudge nudge, wink wink.

Office Space yeah that would be great | The Lonely Tribalist
This meme will never get old.

Moose and Michelle

6 Replies to “Update: New Facebook Page, So Yeah… If You Could “Like” Me, That Would Be Great”

  1. I call my mom a “hamster” sometimes too! Lol I don’t have an FB (I know, what’s wrong with me?) but do you need a personal page to have a fan page for your blog? If you’re not sure I understand.

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    1. I wish I had the strength to delete my Facebook account, but alas, I am weak. I believe you do need to have a personal page, but what you can do is technically create one, set everything to private, not put any info on it, and just use it to create a Facebook page.


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