From the Halls of Montezuma: Happy Veteran’s Day, Grandpa

Happy Veteran’s Day to all who give and have given their time, energy, and lives to protecting the vulnerable, even when we were unaware of it.

Happy Veteran's Day Granpda and Michelle baby picture | The Lonely Tribalist

And I know there have been times – and probably still are times – when I don’t know what you’ve done for me. This is amazing, considering all that I do know of what you’ve done for me from helping me pay for college, teaching me to be a decent and shrewd human being, and giving me great taste in music. Red, red wine! Oooh!

Happy Veteran’s Day, Grandpa. I wish I were more capable of showing you the gratitude I feel from the bottom of my insignificant heart. I wish so many things, but I hope you know that I love you and that you still the only person I have ever considered worthy of being a full-on role model.


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