Coming out of the Closet: Things Poly Peeps are Tired of Hearing

It’s bright out here.

Coming out of the closet: Moose and Michelle are poly. Or we’re in a poly relationship. We’re open. We don’t know exactly how we identify, what terms to use, or what the future will hold in store for us.We do know, however, that we want to keep each other for as long as we’ll allow ourselves. And we want to be able to spread that love to (and with) other people.

Polyamory | The Lonely Tribalist

While it has been getting more and more into the mainstream consciousness, it’s still pretty fringe. Do we think monogamous people are stupid or that monogamy is just plain bad? Of course not. Personally, we don’t care what you do in the bedroom (unless you’d like to share, then we’re all ears and quid pro quo and all that jazz). We want to find fulfillment and we want to see our society as a whole find fulfillment. But as much as we feel like we’ve hit the nail on the head sometimes, we face the fact that we’re not super-people. We can’t fix everything. We can’t pretend to know how people should live point for point to create the ultimate utopia. We can’t even pretend to know how we should really live. Poly’s not always just a utopian cakewalk either. Judge us, don’t judge us. Just freaking love one another – we’re doing our best to do the same.

It feels good to express this aspect of ourselves. Over the past four years, we’ve become wary of who we let slip to about our relationship style – we’ve been suspected of hitting on people when we tell them we’re poly and we’d like to hang out, which is understandable to a point, but come on. We’re not vampires looking for our next meal.

If you’re familiar with poly, great! If not, great! Here’s a few groovy articles and posts to enjoy at your leisure.

Thanks muchly for reading. And we’ll see you next time.

Much love,
Moose and Michelle

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