Look, Ma- No Tibia!

As I posted a couple weeks ago, Moose has been recovering from a longboarding accident, which has left him to tend to a broken tibia and fibula. Never seen a broken bone? Here’s a fun x-ray!

Broken Tibia Fibula X-Ray | The Lonely Tribalist

This picture was taken about a month ago and shows the spiral fracture Moose sustained from his accident. Here’s the story:

Moose and a buddy went to a nearby road that swirls downhill to a flat landing area. It’s fun for longboarding down, if you don’t mind rolling down roads with few streetlights, minimal shoulders, and annoyed cars trying to go 45 mph past you. Moose had done this run several times before and was introducing it to his buddy, who had been excited to try it out. Testosterone was in the air!

As they prepared to bomb the hill, Moose went ahead to do a run by himself first. His friend leaned against the car with his board and waited. And waited. And waited. 20-30 minutes must have passed – much longer than it should have taken to make it down the hill and back up. A truck pulled up and the driver rolled his window down. Buddy is suspicious. The stranger asks if he’s waiting for his friend down the hill. Cautiously, the buddy answers in the affirmative. “He’s broken his leg. Get in.”

It was almost 11 ‘o clock at night. The road was poorly lit and Moose had worn no lights or protective gear. It was a hill he was familiar with and he had been confident in his skating abilities. He’s done things so much more dangerous, for christ’s sake. The worst that could happen would be a scrape, maybe a little blood. You can probably guess that he was wrong.

Moose had been cruising down the hill watching the section of road directly in front of him, giving him maybe a 2 second look-ahead view. Because of this, he didn’t see the man walking his labrador retriever across the road from right to left – not with enough time. He had looked up and so had the dog walker. Moose swerved to the left. At the exact same moment, the man rushed in the same direction to cross the road. They were still on a collision course. Moose swerved right. But the man went to pull his dog back to the right, as well. They did the left-right sidewalk waltz until Moose just set his course to go between the man and the dog.

But he forgot about the damn leash.

At the final second, he remembered the leash and leapt over it, missing the man and dog completely. He could just hit the ground at a running stop, right? Not at 30 mph he couldn’t. When he landed – wearing flip flops, no less – the tremendous momentum of his body twisted too quickly for his leg to keep up, resulting in a spiral fracture of the tibia and fibula as he hit the ground. Moose looked down at his leg, which flopped unnaturally to the side as he tried to move it. He wailed “Nooo! Nooo!” as he buried his face in his hands and took in what he had done.

The dog walker called 911. The truck driver had stopped to help. Moose asked for the labrador to come comfort him (and he did with several licks to the face). I received Moose’s call from the ambulance after 11 p.m.

3 hours in the ER, some heart-to-heart crying, and a few yards of bandages later, Moose was wheeled to the car where we’d begin the long and beautiful 12 week recovery process toward living happily ever after.

Moose Bandaged Broken Leg | The Lonely Tribalist
“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return” – Nat “Philosopher King” Cole

Ha. Good times.

Michelle and Moose

12 Replies to “Look, Ma- No Tibia!”

  1. O.M.G. I’m so glad to hear he’s going to be alright… it could have been much worse! Maybe Moose can do some of the blogging now, since he’s laid up lol j/k

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