Update: NaNoWriYes? Or NaNoWriNo?

NaNoWriMo 2015 Participation Banner with Question Marks | The Lonely Tribalist

November is coming. Break out the sweaters, Earl Grey, and writing caps because it’s NaNo season.

For those who don’t know, I’m not talking about nanotechnology (although nanotechnology is amazing). I’m referring to National Novel Writing Month, where thousands upon thousands of writers strive to write at least 50,000 words toward a rough draft of a novel between November 1st and November 30th. So if that writer friend of yours suddenly disappears next month, and has been for the past few years, now you know why.

I’ve participated in the past with various degrees of non-success and even though I’ve never hit the 50K mark, I’ve found it a valuable experience. I hit around 30K two years ago, which I was actually pretty proud of. I have no idea how I even hit 30K, but it happened and probably 29,732 words out of that 30K were absolute rabbit droppings. But it happened. Whoot whoot.

This year, the signs of the NaNo beast awakening have popped up here and there and it’s making me itch in uncomfortable places. In speaking with Moose, I’ve brought up the idea of a collaborative 50,000 word project and he seemed interested. However, I have no idea what we’d write about. I have no story, no characters, no philosophy making itself readily available to me so far. And there’s less than 2 weeks before NaNo kick-off.

Oy vey.

Mulling, mulling, mulling.

Perhaps I’ll be procrastinating enough that time and stress will place the answer will in my dreams (or nightmares).

Have you participated in NaNoWriMo before? Are you going to be doing so this year? If so, what will you be writing about?


16 Replies to “Update: NaNoWriYes? Or NaNoWriNo?”

  1. Thank you for that, I totally learned something new today… I didn’t know what that meant and now I do. That sounds like a lot of pressure, but also a lot of fun! It’s the 3rd… have you come up with any ideas? You could be the next E.L. James 😉

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  2. I’m going to write about the skyrocketing November coffee sales that NoMo creates. Not to mention the hair pulling and creative cussing spectacles that erupt across the country. That’s why Christmas is in December, so some tightly wound over-caffeinated wanna be writer doesn’t strangle Santa as he pops down the chimney.

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  3. I have two options – I can dive back into a retelling of a classic that I’ve already been working on or start on my own original story that I’ve been plotting in my head for the past 2 months. GAH WHAT SHALL IT BE? Good luck!

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      1. Persuasion by Jane Austen. The first book I wrote that my agent is shopping right now is a silicon valley retelling of Pride and Prejudice, so this would be a follow-up that hopefully any publisher who acquires the first will be interested in later on, as well. I’m leaning towards this one for now, though I still plan on writing my fantasy novel, too!

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  4. I have often participated over the past four years, November and the camps in April and July… I have managed to do this once, although I have always managed to churn out about 30,000 which is an achievement enough in a month!
    I am just planning on working on my work in progress and hopefully finishing that first draft. I am well aware that this is technically cheating, but the words that I will be adding will be new!

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  5. I actually can’t remember. I know I learned about it about 4 years ago, in a creative writing club in high school, but I can’t remember if I actually participated. I think I did, but I think I failed miserably. But I’m definitely doing it this year. I’m setting my WiP aside and I’ll be writing its sequel for NaNoWriMo.
    My suggestion for your success? You have to write around 1.6 thousand words every day. That might seem like a lot, but… 4 sets of 400 words isn’t too bad. Or 8 sets of 200. I’d split up whatever work load you have and write a little bit in between. That’s what I do, and it’s SO much easier than trying to write all 1,666 words all at once.
    Best of luck! ^.^

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    1. I’ve created a spreadsheet for myself each year with what my daily word count should be from the 1st to the 30th, but I always end up falling behind. I miss one day, which turns into two days, which turns into “f#ck it, I’m still going to write, but not 50,000 words.” Thanks and best of luck to you, as well!


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