Breaking a Leg (Literally): Introduction

This is the face of a man in a full leg fiberglass cast:

SpotteMoose Rainbow Wig Smiling | The Lonely Tribalistd: The rare Peacock Moose of the Pacific Northwest
Spotted: The rare Peacock Moose of the Pacific Northwest

Yeah, he looks happy now, but this wasn’t the look on that dashing face 7 weeks ago.

If you’ve ever broken a bone, you know about the kind of excruciating pain and long recovery process in store. I’ve never broken a bone and until 2 months ago, neither had Moose. And believe me, that is crazy. Moose has traveled the world and done, colloquially put, “some crazy shit.” This includes scrambling across rolling rocks on the side of a volcano in flip flops and monkeying his way up the suspension cables of the Golden Gate bridge (presumably also in flip flops). This charming loon has not exactly been Safety Dan. If anything, it’s amazing he’s not more like Fire Marshall Bill.

Fire Marshall Bill Lemme Show You Something GIF | The Lonely Tribalist

We’re already halfway through the part of the healing process that entails being stuck in a cast, but we’ll catch you up on the progress that’s been made as well as future steps (so to speak) toward getting the big deer trotting around again. Stay tuned and there will be more pictures of the cast, the x-rays, and the cast replacement process.

Have you ever broken a bone? When and where?

Michelle (& Moose)

8 Replies to “Breaking a Leg (Literally): Introduction”

  1. Oh lordy, I’ve broken around 27-30 bones lol! It’s not fun to be sure! Healing vibes and happy thoughts sent your way! 💖M

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