Democratic Debate Recap: The Internet Speaketh, The Man Taketh Away

Last night’s democratic debate can be summed up thusly:

  • Hillary Clinton had cool things to say that made Hillary Clinton fans happy.
  • Bernie Sanders had cool things to say that made Bernie Sanders fans happy.
  • Three other guys were placed on stage as filler.
  • And the Internet overwhelmingly voted that Bernie nailed it

However, here’s a twist of Shyamalanian proportions: Every corner your turn through your major news outlets, you run into flashing neon signs declaring Hillary Clinton as the landslide victor. You may or may not have already seen this picture:

CNN Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton Democratic Debates Internet Poll - Reddit | The Lonely Tribalist

And that pretty much sums up the editorials the day after the democratic debate. I don’t have much more to say on the subject, except “Wow,” because this article here says it much better:

“Something is seriously wrong inside corporate media newsrooms. Either editors and pundits are so incompetent at their jobs that they wrongly assume Hillary Clinton was the favorite in last night’s debate, or they’re purposefully shoving Hillary Clinton down our throats and denying Bernie Sanders’ obvious popularity.”

Source: 6 Reasons Bernie Sanders Actually Won the Debate Despite What Pundits Claim | US Uncut

Hillary Clinton did do a great job and O’Malley came out of nowhere, but I was impressed by some of his answers (even though inviting victims of the Aurora, CO shooting felt too manipulative and disingenuous). Internet polls are far from conclusive, as it targets a narrow demographic. But the disparity between those polls/focus groups and editorials is definitely worth taking a second look at. And you already know my bias. Bernie Sanders is a brawler. And a lot of great points were made, but I’m going to go the entertainment route and put this right here:

And leave this link to College Humor’s recap of the debate here:

Did you watch the Democratic Debate? Or did you do something better with your time? Either way – thoughts?


5 Replies to “Democratic Debate Recap: The Internet Speaketh, The Man Taketh Away”

  1. I turned the debates on late and didn’t even realize that there were three other people on the stage with Hiliary and Bernie until almost 20 minutes later! I listened for about half an hour and realized that it was everything I had already heard from them both and didn’t need to hear any more.

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