Update: Slacking Blogger Relapse

This is no news, but I’m going to devote an entire post to it anyway.

I skipped Friday.

Several weeks ago, I had resolved to stick to a Monday/Wednesday/Friday posting schedule as a form of discipline to slowly grow this blog. And for a few weeks, I stuck with it. But then came last Friday.

It was like a tantalizing leg seen through the slit of a red dress. It beckoned in its passive seductiveness and I fixated and drooled like an old dog. In my fixation, I gorged on the lotus and before I came to, it was already the weekend.

Lotus Eaters Odysseus Wikipedia | The Lonely Tribalist
Historical cultural references, yo.

Now, I could excuse myself by saying my mother-in-law was in town (because she was and, as of writing this, still is), but that really is no excuse at all. Of course mother-in-laws are important and are a top priority (at least in the top dozen), but how difficult is it to scrounge for a pseudo-intellectual quote, slap an image on it, and call it a post? Not very difficult at all. And I could also excuse myself by saying my WiFi router is a piece of shit, so I’ve been getting little to no Internet service in my home. But how difficult is it to walk across the street and slum it at my friendly neighborhood Starbucks? (Hint: not difficult in the least). I slipped up. There is no good excuse. I am a failure.

All right, with that self-shaming out of the way, I shall leave you all with a Quotable Quickie from the ever effervescent Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) to start off your week:

“You can never learn less. You can only learn more.”

And now, back to your regularly scheduled program.

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