The “I’ve Reached 100 Followers” Post (AKA “The Excuse to Post” Post)

Whose Line Is It Anyway? WLIIA Colin Mochrie - You Tolerate Me GIF | The Lonely Tribalist

Thank you very much to everyone who has hit the “follow” button on my blog. I started “The Lonely Tribalist” a little over a month ago and now I have just over 100 “followers.” I know that number is mostly inflated, as most people who have clicked the “follow” button probably haven’t come back to read any more posts – which is fine. The practice of “follow for follow” is common and I am guilty of it, as well. To you few who read my posts here and there, thank you. Your support is a big boost in helping me find my direction in terms of writing – and even my life in general. You folks help inspire me to work toward creating primo content.

I have been trying to spend at least half an hour each day discovering new blogs to follow and to lure back to my blog. This was put on hold throughout the past month due to raging issues with the internet gods. And even though I have a modem/router from Xfinity and beyond, the WiFi still sucks like a near-desiccated leech on a fat, bloody baby.

Xfinity ISP Leech | The Lonely Tribalist

The tactics aren’t glorious or particularly efficient, but I try to take time to read at least one post on each blog I follow instead of just indiscriminately clicking all the “follow” buttons in front of me.  I find some of the funniest – and most insightful – blogs through the “Sarcasm” tag on WordPress. I highly recommend it; there’s a lot of gold to be found in the sar-chasm.

I’ve also been playing around with different layouts and logos for the site. Let me know if you hate the logo. It’s simplistic and likely won’t stick around forever – just until I can get my head out of the mud and come up with something a helluva lot more interesting.

The Lonely Tribalist Black Logo

Until next time, here is a link to a project I’ve been working on with a friend: Stories From Your Neighbor. It’s a podcast featuring the digital stories of regular Joe’s and Jill’s like you and me and asking the hard questions (e.g. “What does it feel like to be possessed by the spirit of Jim Morrison?”) Feel free to check it out and leave feedback. It’s in its infancy stages and there will be a lot of changes in the coming weeks and months. And if you have an idea for a story or want to be a guest, comment here, contact me via this form, or e-mail me at

Again, thank you to everyone who reads the mad ramblings of this cabin feverish 22 year old. I strive to create better and better content for you folks as time goes on, as I learn from you all and find my voice. Less sarcasm? More Oscar Wilde-ian wit? Less Conan O’Brien GIFs? … You can never have too many Conan GIFs.

Thanks again, everyone, and here’s to the next 100.

Michelle (& Moose)

23 Replies to “The “I’ve Reached 100 Followers” Post (AKA “The Excuse to Post” Post)”

  1. I guess that’s how you found me! #sarcasm I definitely have alot of that coming your way….have to in order to make light of a very serious subject matter…however I appreciate your follow and your honesty in this post too!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. HUMOR. Always. And I use DGAF, WTF?, and the old Are you f*cking kidding me? tags a lot. But I’m probably the only one lol! Awkward is always amusing too!


  2. I usually save comments for the gossip blogs, but I just had to leave one when I saw the Colin Mochrie gif. I mean, Colin Mochrie! He is my secret bald man crush. I tolerate him exceptionally well.
    I enjoyed your post, too. That isn’t an after-thought or a platitude, either. I mentioned Colin Mochrie first because, well, COLIN MOCHRIE! 😀


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