Why, Oh, WiFi?

I have no WiFi.

So for the next however-long-it-will-take-to-resolve-this-Frontier-account-fiasco, this will be my relationship with my computer:

Chrome No Internet Dinosaur Game Gif
Life? What life?

[In case you aren’t caught up to speed: the next time you get the “unable to connect to the internet” page on Chrome, press your spacebar and enjoy.]

My high score so far is 2418.

Unable To Connect To Internet Dino Game - High Score | The Lonely Tribalist

What’s yours?


6 Replies to “Why, Oh, WiFi?”

  1. Could be a result of the nefarious Frontier Starbucks deal. Starbucks pays Frontier to periodically kill WiFi in the hope that desperate internet users will run screaming down to the nearest Starbucks in order to keep their WiFi fix.


  2. I never knew about this. But I guess that’s because if I get that page, I instantly roll around and groan in frustration.


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