Sound the Wedding Bells – I’ve Made the Domain Name Commitment

Wait, wait, before you jump to your outdated Victorian-era judgments, let me tell you that I already know what you’re thinking:

Don’t you think you rushed into this commitment a little fast? You’re so young. Oh, of course you feel like this is THE ONE, but what was the hurry? You thought the other ones were THE ONE, but where are they now? What if you find out they never floss or maybe they snore or – Flying Spaghetti Monster forgive me – they enjoy Nickelback?

Pretty spot on telepathy work, eh?

I’ve made the leap and have committed myself to the domain name And, so far, I am quite happy with the purchase. This isn’t a WordPress advertisement to buy up domain names that you fancy. This is more of a declaration of my commitment (how many times am I going to use the C-word in a single post?) to this blog. A problem with my previous blogging ventures was that I didn’t feel invested enough, materially or emotionally. I soon lost focus and purpose and felt I would be losing absolutely nothing by letting the blog die – which was true. I lost nothing. But this time, by buying up this domain name, I’ve actually invested a bit of money and a bit of pride – it’s not much, but it’s something.

Now, let’s see how this affects my blogging psychology. Let the ultimate question hang in the air: will this be a Goldie and Kurt partnership or yet another whirlwind Kardashian affair?

As the great social philosopher Beyonce Knowles quipped: “If you liked it… then you should have put a ring on it. Uh uh oh, uh uh oh.”

Thanks for hitching on for the ride,

6 Replies to “Sound the Wedding Bells – I’ve Made the Domain Name Commitment”

  1. Oh you silly, silly girl. Jumping into bed with the first domain you meet? Scandalous! Who knows where that domain has been before you? And what kind of owners has it had? Are you sure it’s not the domain I saw last week on that 48 Hours episode “Dastardly Domains and Cyberspace Charlatans……..The Case of the Missing Blogger”?


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