Third Time’s the… Third [Insert Better Pun Here]

Thus sparks the creation of yet another speck of a blog in the outskirts of the big wide blogosphere, swirling with the thoughts and images of millions of like-specied processes. Each blog being made of the blogdust of all that came before it.

My name is Michelle, the titular Lonely Tribalist, and this is my third “first blog post.”

You may have seen my drivel in the archives of Stressing Out College under the moniker stressingoutstudent or on The Big Blog of All the S#!t I Know as BBK (Big Blogger of Knowedge). Both were created with vim and vigor, but as time grew on and passions waned, both were left stranded in time without further update from the outside world. Excuses have been made: work, school, social life – bah! (We all know which one’s the lie).

This is my third go at maintaining a blog. Stressing Out College was my first baby and it was still relevant when I was more trepidacious about not only college but life in general. TBBoAtSIK was the sophomore round, to put it delicately. My partner, Moose, and I felt like we could create a rad blog about our obviously brilliant ideas and perspectives. Obviously a failure.

As stressingoutstudent, I ate and fattened myself voraciously, a growing pupa. As BBK, I spun and weaved and encased myself in my arrogance. Now, let’s see if a goddamn monarch butterfly can arise from all this mess.

So if we’ve met before, “hello” again. If not, welcome to stage three of whatever the hell this is. A journey? I’m no Baggins. But this is going to turn into something, if it’s the last thing I do*.

I’ll dedicate another post to explain the title and I’ll link to it here. But until then, the name actually speaks fairly well for itself.


*Warning: still prone to lazy hyperbolic cliches. Welcome back.

7 Replies to “Third Time’s the… Third [Insert Better Pun Here]”

      1. You’ve got a genuineness that is really refreshing–and edgy. I really got a kick out of this. Thanks for the follow on my blog. In a world of bazillions of folks sending out their ideas, it’s a privilege that you chose to read mine. I’ll return the favor. And there begins the conversation.


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